The Importance of Time



Time is known to be a thief- a burglar. It’s someone or something that takes without asking. It doesn’t think about the consequences grant you an extra second. Have you ever asked yourself is time the thief? Or are we the criminals?

Think about it. Every time you take a second for granted do you ever think about the consequences? Do you ever wonder, even for a second, that you’re hurting more than just yourself?

Look at it this way. You’re in the middle of cramming for this huge test, or finishing a project you left for the last minute, and you decide it’s time for a break. You call your friend and talk to them. Then you decide to go and make a snack, after all it’ll only take a second. Right?

This all takes you an hour, when really all you needed was 10 minutes. You wasted your friend’s time by talking to them about the stupidest possible thing (without asking if they were in the middle of studying) and you also wasted your own time.

That’s just a simple way of putting it. People lose a lot in less that 30 seconds. You could lose your money, family, a loved one, or even worse…..your life. You should understand the importance of your precious time.

We think about tomorrow as if we know it’s coming for sure. We plan on procrastinating until the last moment, as if we actually know that last moment is actually coming. Let me put it this way, you’re starting on working on a math problem on your test during the last minute and have no idea what the formula is. So, you give up. Do you honestly think that the last minute of concentration was going to kill you? It could’ve been the minute you finally get that formula (or not…)

Here is another example. You have a social studies project that’s due next week on Sunday. But you decide to leave it until Friday, maybe even Saturday, because you’re “ too stressed” from all the other subjects. Once you start working on Friday, your cousins come over and you’re stuck with babysitting duty (not as easy as it sounds by the way).


Which leads me to something I personally do: procrastination.

Now don’t act so innocent and try to convince me you’ve never done it because there is a point in your life that you did do it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of…if you did it once and learned. If there’s one thing I know for sure is that procrastination is like a ticking bomb. It makes you feel like the stress of the world is on your shoulders. And if you don’t do something soon it’ll detonate, and kill millions of innocent lives. So if you’re a huge procrastinator, then I will say it once and only once, GET IT UNDER CONTROL! It won’t help you. It’s like a disease that eats your brain little by little, until it leads you to insanity.

But then how are we criminals? Well for starters, we break the rules that we were told to follow.; the rules that we made. How? By ignoring our responsibilities, our careers, our homework, and our obligations, we are breaking our own rules and laws. We will eventually suffer from the consequences. Because you forgot about your project, you stayed up all night to complete it. No one can take the blame for it except for you.

But what about time itself. Is it really the thief?

Well that has different answers, from different point of views.

Time gives us every second we need and every minute we hang on to. But it’s our choice. We choose whether or not time is a thief or a giver, a villain or a hero, and a foe or an allay. We choose whether or not we take advantage of our time wisely. We choose if we savored the moments of happiness, joy, hard work, glory, pain, and relief. We choose if we get the best of every minute and push away the worst.

Just like we choose whether time is the thief or giver, we also get to choose whether we are the criminals or the saviors.

I hope you chose to be a savior.


By Jana Mahmoud


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