How Much TV is Too Much?



TV is something that most of us have gotten used to. Whether you’re into movies, series, or talk shows, it’s become very hard for us to miss an episode.

You may watch your favorite shows on your laptop, phone, or TV, but there almost the same thing. Watching more than 3 hours a day may cause you behavioral problems, sleep difficulties, health issues, and lower grades.

Interestingly enough, research shows that women watch more TV than men. Women watch an average of  4 hours and 11 minutes daily while men watch around 3 hours and 34 minutes daily. However, men tend to play more games (on TV) than women.

If you are watching TV, try standing up and moving around every once in a while. Maybe go drink water or do something that requires you to get up and move. Try doing this for 10 minutes at the very least because this helps get your circulation moving. You can even stretch or play a few basic exercises.

Too much TV can also weaken and strain your eyes. Eventually, you will have difficulty seeing things from a distance and may need to visit an eye doctor to check your vision. To help prevent eye strain, do the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break and focus your eyes on something that is at least 20 feet away (6 meters away).

Watching TV can be educational, fun, or a complete waste of time. Did you know that 12% of people are unhappy with the amount of time they spend watching TV?

So now we know that TV can be more dangerous than we thought. Remember to take breaks and move around every now and then.


By Jana Mahmoud




Owen, Jonathon. “An 18-year study of 86,000 people has found that the more you watch, the greater the risk of suffering a pulmonary embolism”  Independent. 29 Aug 2015.

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