El Clasico 2017



During this hyped soccer match, FC Barcelona ended their losing streak against Real Madrid. Believe it or not, for the first time in a couple of years, the annual El Clasico results were switched around. Understandably, there was much anticipation for this matchup, as they both are the highest ranked soccer teams in the word.

The results for this flabbergasting match, is 3-2 for FCB. The first goal was struck by the efforts of Sergio Ramos and Casemiro’s teamwork. The next goal was for FCB, which was scored by Lionel Messi. After that, Rakitic continued their goal streak. Madrid got the next, followed the show stopping finale that ended it all.

In conclusion, this breathtaking playoff was worth the wait and hype. It went against what most people thought the outcome was going to be. However, it truly, was a match to be seen, and would be remembered for generations to come.


By Yaseen Shindy




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