Bullying: Why It Must Stop




Mocking and teasing your friends is something that we can all easily relate to. We make jokes and have fun while mocking them. But when does the fun turn in to bullying? When do we cross the line?


What is Bullying?

Bullying is when kids are mocked and made fun of in a serious and cruel manner. If you start teasing someone and they feel annoyed or bothered from it, then you might want to stop because you might actually be hurting their feelings.


Types of Bullying

That’s right, you read the above heading correctly. There are several types of bullying that can take place for a various amount of reasons.

Here are four common types of bullying:

Physical Bullying This is when a person is physically hurt. This may involve kicking, punching, tripping, pinching, pushing, and any damage to personal property. This can result in permanent damage to the one who is bullied, and it really isn’t funny at all.


Verbal Bullying In my opinion, this is one of the most common types of bullying as it is taken for granted by most students and adults.This may include name calling, insults, teasing, intimidation, racist remarks, or verbal abuse. One of the best ways of making sure that you’re not doing this is by thinking wether or not you’d like someone to insult you. You have to draw a line when it comes to normal teasing and when it comes to name calling. For example, when your joking with your friends and you make a funny remark, make sure it’s not too harsh and that it is something that your friend will be fine with. While you may find it funny, the one being called upon may not find it as hilarious.


Social and Emotional Bullying. This can also be called “relational bullying”. This can include spreading mean rumors, or playing mean jokes which lead to embarrassing someone. This is actually very close to verbal bullying.


Cyber Bullying This can be one of the most modern types of bullying because of the spread of technology. Instead of simply bullying someone in school the bully can take it as far as sending them negative text messages with rude comments and remarks.


How to Deal with a Bully

While dealing with a bully, you have to be very careful. In the beginning try to speak to the bully privately and politely ask them to stop. If that doesn’t work, (which isn’t much of a surprise) then try showing them that your confident and not afraid of them. Telling an adult or close friend (someone you truly trust) can always help. Don’t keep it all in until you explode. Talk to someone about it. If you’re afraid they will interfere, and you don’t want that, then simply ask

them not to make a huge deal about it. Whenever or wherever you see your bully, it’s better you sit with your friends or a group of people rather than  sitting alone because bullies are most likely to bully someone alone than a whole group.

What about when the bully is looking me straight in the eye? What should I do? Simply look at them back for a while then look somewhere else. It is important however, to not look at the ground.

In the end, you really shouldn’t be bullying someone. Bullying is something that has negatively affected many people all over the world. If you’ve ever bullied someone, (be honest with yourself) then maybe try apologizing to them. If you are being bullied, then just know that your not alone and that there are plenty of people that you could talk to about it. Don’t keep it all in!

If you see someone being bullied, then don’t just stand there and watch. Do something about it. It the bully is physically hurting someone, try to stop it. Stand up for the person being bullied and defend them. If it goes too far, then try to find the closest adult to you and let them handle and stop it. If you don’t do anything, then you are no better than the bully. You can’t call yourself an innocent bystander if you do nothing about it. You are just as guilty as the bully.


If you would like to know more about bullying and how to prevent it, then you can visit the websites in the sources below.

For crisis information, visit the fourth link.




By Jana Mahmoud








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