Samsung’s Smart Belt: The WELT



Did you know that Samsung is creating a new belt? This belt is called The WELT. Read the following to find out what it is, when will it be released, and where will you be able to buy it.

The WELT stands for “The Wellness Belt.” It is described by Samsung as a “smart wearable health belt.” It looks like an ordinary belt, but has sensors and connects to your phone. It can tell you things like how long you’ve been sitting down, the number of steps you’ve walked that day, and the total number of calories you’ve burned.

The belt can also be connected to an app that collects a stream of data about you. The app interprets this data so it can tell you things about yourself; like whether or not you’ve overeaten, or if your waistline size has increased or decreased.

It is being developed by one of Samsung’s experimental administrations, the Creative Lab. As of now, it is a prototype that looks like a fully functional regular belt.

It is still being produced, and it is currently not accessible for sale.


By Youssef Saleh


Kosoff, Maya. “Samsung Wants You to Wear This Belt So It Can Tell You If You Eat Too Much”. Business Insider. Jan 7 2017.


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