Mall of Egypt Opens in Cairo



Majid Al Futtaim is known for his many companies worldwide. He has already built Cairo Festival City (CFC) and Mixed Used Community in Cairo, Egypt. Nevertheless, they are looking to expand their presence in Egypt. Al Futtaim has very recently opened The Mall of Egypt. There has been a lot of hype and excitement around the opening of this mall.

Most people around the world just enjoy these malls, but don’t know anything about their background, or the developers who are responsible for their fun times. First of all, the company Al Futtaim was founded during the year of 1992. Since the company was founded, they developed 20 shopping malls, 12 hotels, and 3 mixed used communities. In addition, it operates 242 VOX cinemas and 28 Magic Planets. It allows about 34,000 people to work in 15 different countries and its facilities receive about 250 million visitors annually. The CEO of this multinational company is Alain Bejjani, and their headquarters are in Dubai.


The Mall of Egypt will not just be your average mall with just shops and restaurants; it will include Africa’s first indoor ski slope, Ski Egypt. Ski Egypt is the first of its kind in the continent and will have penguins. The mall also includes the country’s first VOX cinemas cineplex. There is also another Carrefour branch, as the company has exclusive rights to the French franchise.


This mall has something for everyone, because it has 350 lifestyle, entertainment, and convenience oriented outlets. It also has 50 food and beverage outlets, cinemas, and Ski Egypt. With all of these actives and things to do, 6,500 parking spaces should be enough to accommodate mall visitors; even during the busiest of times. It opened this month on March 2nd, the day of our walk-a-thon and the last day before spring break.


The Mall of Egypt is a great and massive addition to our community. Make sure to visit it and enjoy all of its great features.


By Yaseen Shindy


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