Egypt Enters the Top 20 in FIFA’s Global Rankings and Becomes the Top African Team in March



The Pharaohs have jumped 3 positions in the FIFA rankings since February.  At the time of this announcement, the Egyptian team had a total of 904 points. The team moved ahead of the Ecuador and Netherlands teams. Netherlands are three-time World Cup runners-up.

The Egyptian national team  is the top African team as it is ahead of Senegal, which is the second African team with a ranking of 28. There are a total of 11 African teams in the top 50 in the rankings.

The Pharaohs are pushing ahead in the world rankings after several of their 2017 achievements. They ended up as runners-up in the African Cup of Nations and lost to Cameroon 2-1 in the finals. They participated in 6 games in the tournament, and the outcome of those games included a goalless tie with Mali, and three 1-0 wins over Uganda, Ghana, and Morocco before they defeated Burkina Faso 4-3 on penalty shots.

The team also won 3 Africa Cup of Nations in 2006, 2008, and 2010 and have a chance of winning their first World Cup since 1990.

The Pharaohs achieved their highest rank in 2010, in which they were at 9th place. Their lowest rank was achieved in 2014 at 60th.


Top 20 FIFA World Rankings

  1. Argentina
  2. Brazil
  3. Germany
  4. Chile
  5. Belgium
  6. France
  7. Columbia
  8. Portugal
  9. Uruguay
  10. Spain
  11. Switzerland
  12. Wales
  13. Poland
  14. England
  15. Italy
  16. Croatia
  17. Mexico
  18. Peru
  19. Costa Rica
  20. Egypt



By Sarah El Sharkawi




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