A Tribute To A Lost Friend: Madame Laurance Tinnes



Earlier this month, we lost one of our most admired teachers at AIS, Madame Laurance Tinnes, in an accident. Although it was her first year at AIS, both teachers and students adored her.

Madame Laurance Tinnes was always a fun and outgoing teacher, even when we crossed the line and were scolded by her. In the end, we still loved her. In addition to being a warm and friendly person, Madame Laurance was also an amazing teacher. I always learned new facts and information in her class.

I asked a few people what they thought about Madame Laurance Tinnes, and here’s what they had to say about her:

“A very good and positive colleague and friend,” said Ms. Margot Porton.

“You will never be forgotten. You were the best teacher,” said Mohamed Abdelrahim.

Fam Abouelyamin told us, “I wish she knew how many people cared and loved her. I miss her. She influenced my life.”

“She was always full of life- she can scold, but you can never hate her. She made the most boring lessons wonderful with her positive energy,” Celine Al Mallah said.

“She was my friend – I will miss her. She was my friend – I will remember her. She was my friend – I will try to emulate her joy,” said Mrs. Sue Ellen


Please take a moment of silence to remember our beloved teacher, Madame Laurance Tinnes. Our thoughts and prayers are with her students, friends, and family. May she rest in peace.


By Hussein Serageldin


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