8 Effective Study Habits


Many people have hard times studying for a test or a quiz. Let me give you 8 study habits that can give you a good time studying:

1. Look At Studying in a Positive Manner

People look at studying as a necessary task, and not as something fun and interesting. Researchers found that how you approach something matters. Being in a good mindset is important in order to study more effectively and efficiently.

2. Bring Your Suppliesschoolsupplies1

You should always bring all of the supplies you will need to study. By forgetting your things. You won’t be able to study and will waste time. Time is presicious and valuable, so take advantage of it. Make a list of all the supplies you will need to study before you come home.


3.. No Distractions

Many people make a very common mistake, which is studying with a distraction surrounding them. You might be distracted by TV, social media, your friends, or your family. Distractions can affect a person while studying as the outcome could be disappointing. Try isolating yourself in a room and turn off your phone when studying.



4. Make A To Do List

Organize and plan out your day with a simple to do list. Write down all of the homework assignments, training, activites, events, etc, that you have in order and estimate the time you will need to complete each.



5. Practice Makes Perfect

If you don’t understand something or forget things easily, practice it for a few minutes everyday. Eventually, you will become stronger in that subject and will find it much easier. You can even practice with you friends or in study groups as you learn new things, work with other, and have a great time.


6. Always Review Your Notes


Review your notes the day you take them and every once in a while to be prepared for any quizes or tests coming up. It will save you time and stress in the future.


7. Start With the Most Difficult Subject First

The most difficult subject you have will be time consuming and will eventually reduce your mental energy. Instead of starting with the easy subjects, save that mental energy for the harder ones. It will save you time and is much easier, In fact, it will improve your effectiveniss and academic performance.


8. Be Neat and Organized

Being neat and organized can save you so much time and energy. Keep your things for each subject in seperate folders so that you know where to find things when you need them.





By Youssef Saleh




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