11 Things To Do When You’re Bored



Many people get bored very quickly. Boredom is a horrible feeling that no one should experience. There are thousands of things that one can do when they’re bored. If you are a bored person reading this article, then you can try out one of these things:


1. Watch TV


There are several things that you can watch on TV, such as news, movies, and tv shows.While you are channel surfing, you might find something interesting that you’d like.


2. Go Shopping


Shopping can be fun, especially with close family and friends. You can look for clothes, food, games, instruments, books, toys, movies, jewellery, and flowers.                              


3. Hang Out With Your Friends


Call your friends and agree on a date and time to meet up. You can go shopping or eat at a restaurant. Catch up on gossip and have some fun!


4. Eat, Eat, Eat!


Food can be a great pleasure. It’s delicious and helps you waste some time when you are bored. Some people live to eat. Beware of foods you may be allergic to.


5. Read A Book

Woman reading a book

Reading can be enjoyable if you choose the right genre. There are millions of books out there that you can read and love. Books are also easy to buy, as they are found in bookstores almost everywhere. Pick a book that catches your eye and read it! It is time consuming.


6. Do Something Creative and Artistic


Art is a way of expressing your emotions and your personality. You can draw, paint, write books or poems, dance, or sing. Who knows- you might discover a hidden talent!


7. Cook or Bake


Cooking food or baking tasty desserts can help you get through boredom. It allows you to learn to facts about food and create luscious foods that your friends and family can enjoy. Make something you’ve always wanted to try or are in the mood of eating. Look for a recipe in a cookbook or online and make something delicious!


8. Study and Learn New Things


Studying can be fun if you look at it in a positive manner. Review the things you learned and try to practice the things you don’t understand. Practice makes perfect! Remember, there is always room for improvement. You can also read something online about a topic you’ve always been interested in.


9. Organize Your Things


You can clean and organize your room. You can clean and organize your bag. Also the same thing with your school.And your locker.


10. Go to A Club


Go to a club and exercise or play a sport you enjoy. Spend time with family and friends there if you like. You can also just go there to relax and have some time to yourself.


11. Talk to Family and Friends


Call or meet up with a family member or friend. You can talk for hours about literally anything!


By Youssef Saleh


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