Snapchat Plans on Creating Its Own Smartphone



The Snapchat app that we all know and use in our daily lives is going to release something new, and massive: a Snapchat smartphone. It isn’t new to release a phone, but it is new to Snapchat. No one expected that an app company would make a smartphone.The smartphone will be an Android. Snapchat Inc. is currently working on it and have many ideas for their new smartphone.

  1. The phone will have a 360 degree camera that will have many filters and capture functions. This idea is made to make the phone more attractive to people who like taking photos and videos with their phones.
  2. The device will also include a lock screen that will have all of the updated news and notifications.
  3. Inside the app there is going to be maps, several GPS’s, Snapchat stories, advertisements, etc.
  4. One of Snapchat’s main reasons to make this phone is to compete against their rivals Google, Facebook, and Twitter. They want to grab people’s attention and make them use Snapchat, forgetting about all of the other apps. We don’t know if this will succeed or not, but Snapchat sure is willing for it to succeed.


Are you convinced with the new smartphone? Do you think you will you buy it? Is it something different than the Apple and Samsung smartphones?


By Ali Yacout



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