Fast Food Wrappers Are Toxic



As you may know, fast food isn’t healthy for you, and a  new U.S. study tells us that the packaging could be harmful as well.

The study shows that one third of the wrapper’s components consists of chemicals known as Perfluoroalkyl (PFAS), which give the wrapper the qualities of stain resistance, water repellency, and nonstick properties. The fluorinated chemicals have boosted the chainceof specific cancers, hormone problems, high cholesterol, obesity, and immune suppression in both human and animal analyses.

How can we avoid the toxic wrappers?

  1. Stop eating fast food
  2. Ask for your food not to be placed in store-provided take-out packaging and bring your own containers with you.

If you want to stop the toxic wrappers from being used, you can contact the Customer Relations of any fast food establishments. You can ask them about the types of packaging they use and urge them to use safe materials. Even though you won’t be able to stop all of the restaurants that use toxic wrappers, you can help some people that aren’t aware of this issue.


By Maiar Abdelbasir



Rapaport, Lisa. “Toxic Chemicals in One-Third of Fast-Food Packaging: Study” Feb 2 2017.



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