Chocolate Bars to Shrink by 20% to Reduce Sugar Intake




Sugar is in everything; milk, food, and our favorite, chocolate!

Sugar has been a huge problem that we have faced. I’m not talking about that time you sneaked into the kitchen and ate a chocolate bar you knew you weren’t allowed to have!

You might be thinking “well one chocolate won’t harm”, but guess what? You are wrong because chocolate is affecting everyone. As a result, the size of chocolate bars will be reduced by 20% to help decrease child obesity.

Now, you might be thinking, “20%! That won’t help!” Believe it or not, it will.



Nestlé has said that reducing the chocolate bars sized is “an effective way to reduce sugar.”





Mars, Nestlé, and Mondelez are all in on this, but none of the companies have confirmed whether or not shrinking the size of the bars will have any effect on the price.










Shrinking the chocolate bars’ size isn’t the only solution. Companies can always take away the sugar and add in some artificial sweeteners instead. Who are we kidding? Sugar is sugar and there’s nothing that can change the way it tastes in our precious chocolate! Yes, maybe that one chocolate wouldn’t harm as much, but when one chocolate turns into two or three, then you need to stop!

Do you think that this will actually help reduce sugar intake or will people just keep consuming more chocolate bars?


By Jana Mahmoud



Frodsham, Isobel. “Chocolate bars are to shrink by 20% in bid to cut sugar intake by the same amount’ (so will the price drop by a fifth as well?)” Feb 5 2017.


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