Aquaponics Interview with Mr. Randall Siefker


I interviewed Mr. Randall Siefker, who is the head of the aquaponics club, and asked him a few questions about it.

What is aquaponics and how does it work?

“Aquaponics is a process of growing food without dirt or soil and with the use of fish in order to provide nutrients for the plant,” Mr. Randall said.

3881790c6914f5d57dfb0f497539742e.jpgImage result for aquaponics

You need 2,000 liters of water to do this. How do you plan on gathering them?

“By taking left over water bottles from students and teachers.”

You need clean water. What do you mean by ‘clean’?

“Water that cannot have chlorine or any other chemicals that will affect the growth of bacteria or PH level of water,” he told me.

Can the water be tap water?

“No it cannot because it has too much bacteria.”

What do you need for aquaponics other than water?

“First of all, we need many types of rocks to replace the soil and a pump to create water to cycle between the fish and the plants.”

How many people do you need in order for this to work?

“At least 12 people,” he commented.

How will this help our school?

“It will help the school by teaching kids about nitrogen and its cycle and agriculture.”

What are you willing to plant with the aquaponics system?

“Lettuce, spinach, bok choy, strawberry, and tomatoes.”

Does buying supplies for aquaponics cost a lot of money?

“It’s expensive and not cheap, but once the cost is finished, the food you produce is more efficient,” he said.

Join the aquaponics club! It will be fun planting plants in a new and different way.

Thank you Mr. Randall for spending time with me to do this interview. Good luck!

By Ali Yacout


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