8 Things Only Lazy People Would Understand



Laziness. The real laziness; not that one time that you were too lazy to finish reading a book or didn’t complete you homework. I’m talking about those three or six times you didn’t change the channel because the remote was “too far away”, or even those 20 times you didn’t charge your phone because the charger was in another room. If you’re one of the lazy people reading this article, then you can probably relate to the following.

1. You want to change the channel, but the remote is too far away and you’re too lazy to get up.

We all have that moment where were sitting on the couch, and suddenly we just don’t feel like watching the channel anymore. We turn to the remote, but – oh no- it’s on the floor and you can’t reach it. You probably start to think, “Maybe it isn’t such a bad show after all.”

Image result for too lazy to change channel because remote is far away

2. Decisions get hard.

Should you go be lazy on the couch or lazy on your bed?

Here’s a tip: choose the bed!

25 Things Only Lazy People Will Understand

3. Being on time isn’t always the first thing on your mind!

It’s no secret how being on time isn’t exactly your thing. After all, you’re never late, everyone else is just incredibly early.


4. Waking up early is the problem.

Your beauty sleep is above all, but sometimes you’re forced to wake up early. That doesn’t mean you still can’t be lazy then! “Five more minutes” is always the popular phrase when it comes to this.

5. Ignoring people who interrupt your laziness is not a problem!

Your lying down on the sofa with your thoughts, and then the worst case scenario happens: someone keeps poking, shaking, and telling you to “wake up!” As any lazy person would do, you decide to do the most responsible and least tiring thing to do: ignore them.


6. Nap time! But where?

When it comes to taking a nap, there’s absolutely no specific time or place! It can happen anywhere and anytime.


8. Sweatpants are the way to go.

When it comes to your wardrobe, sweatpants are all over the place. Sunday, Monday….. You name it! Most likely, you have a different pair on every day.

25 Things Only Lazy People Will Understand


8. Thank you couches!

We all have a best friend, but we can’t forget our napping buddies……couches! We tend to forget about what we love until it’s too late. I think it’s about time we give a huge thank you for every couch that ever helped us have the time of our lives!


Here’s a bonus…


Not the most exciting thing ever, but you have to admit it’s pretty important. Sometimes we have to small sacrifices, and one of them is getting out of our comfort zone and going straight to the battle field! Even though it might be hard in the beginning it’ll get easier as you go!


Let’s be serious. We can’t always be lazy. Yes, it’s funny in the beginning, but you have to draw a line between a little bit of laziness, and a whole lot.

Which one of these things can you relate to?

By Jana Mahmoud


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