8 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Pet


1. They are good company.

When you are bored, you can waste some time and have fun by playing with your pet. You might walk your pet, or even talk to it. When you’re sad, you can cuddle up with your pet to keep you happy. Pets are also adorable when they quietly sleep on your lap.

2. You will save a life.

Stray animals don’t have a safe shelter or have a proper meal and drink. Oftentimes, animal shelters are too full to take care of these strays, which overpopulate the area. By adopting a pet, you are gaining a friend and saving a life.

3.They are cheaper.

Adopting a pet from a shelter costs less than buying a purebred pet from a store.


4. Most adopted pets have good behavior.

Since the animals were probably living in the streets for most of their lives, they don’t have a safe home to stay in. As a result, they probably received most of the basic training they need. If they don’t, then they are easy to train.


5. They could protect you (if it’s a dog).

The pet you adopt could be aware of its surroundings and may always have its guard up, since life on the streets may need that. That could result in you having a guard dog that will defend you.


6. They are healthier.

At a shelter, stray animals endure several physical and behavioral examinations before they are put up for adoption. That mean’s that you don’t have to worry about them having some disease or injecting them.


7. They will get used to showers.

Being clean is something that anyone, including animals, can get used to. They will get use to their old shampoo quickly and will make it easier for you to give them a shower (unless it’s a cat; since most cats hate water).


8. The pet will be loyal to you.

The pet you adopt will always be grateful and thankful to you. It will never forget you for saving them.



By Youssef Saleh


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