AIS “Into the Woods” Interview


Whether you enjoy watching plays or not, we are all hanging at the edge of our seats for “Into The Woods” play, performed and put together by our very own high school students.

We haven’t stopped thinking about “Into the Woods” ever since it was announced! As usual, your favorite reporters went and interviewed some of the crew members, actors, and teachers!


First, we interviewed Mr. Hollis, the teacher.

Out of all of the plays you could’ve chosen, why did you choose “Into the Woods”?

“Well for one, this is a good play for students to see because it has characters they recognize. Two, it’s written by my favorite composer: Steven Santini. And three, Ms. Kathleen was familiar with it and had done it before and so have I so it was a good choice for us to start with,” said Mr. Hollis.

When it came to audition, would you say it was hard to choose actors/actress?

“Well, we had thirty-five people come to audition and we had twenty roles. So yeah, it was a tough choice,” he said.

Would you recommend students to come up to a stage and act. If so, why?

“Yes, definitely. I would recommend students to come on stage and act and give it a try. Everybody should try it, even if their not thinking of doing it as a career, of course and very few people do, it’s a very good skill to have,” Mr. Hollis told us.” To be able to perform in front of an audience, to be able to articulate well, to project your voice, to know how to move on stage in front of people. It’s a necessary skill, so I think if someone even thinks they might enjoy it, it would be a good way to develop confidence, poise, and it’s also a good character building exercise.”


Next, we interviewed Misha Makarious, who plays the role of Cinderella.

“My name is Misha Makarious, I’m known as Misha. That’s my nickname.”

Why did you audition for the role of Cinderella?

“I didn’t, to be honest with you guys, it was more of a come sing and act and see what you guys fit with and… it turned out to be Cinderella!” she told us.“I got to know so many people I normally wouldn’t hang out with, and we became a sort of family during rehearsal.”

Do you plan on continuing acting after you graduate?

“Yes, I think it’ll stay more of a hobby, more than anything else. But no singing and stuff, it’s very important to me,” Misha said.

Would you recommend students to come up to a stage and act?

“Yes, it really is fun and it allows you to explore yourself, because in order to act as someone else, you have to really know yourself. You have to be able to express yourself and put your emotions,” Misha told us.”Honestly, it completely takes me out of my life and it puts me in Cinderella. Cinderella doesn’t worry about homework, Cinderella doesn’t think ‘oh I have a test tomorrow!’. So it is really fun to get out of your stress and worry. You completely dive into this new person.”


Finally, we interviewed Youssef Hanna, who plays the baker.

Start by introducing your character, please.

“My character is the baker. He’s the male lead. He sets out on an adventure with his wife to find the four items: the cape as red as blood, the hair as yellow as corn, the slipper as pure as gold, and…… the cow as white as milk – that was the first one I forgot, that’s not nice!” Youssef exclaimed.

Is it fun?

“It’s really fun, especially that this year is the biggest play in terms of everything that’s going through. We’ve been practicing ever since October, three or four times a week. Everyone has custommade costumes. The sets are insane, plus everyone has their own makeup. It’s the most indepth play yet, and it’s probably going to be the best,” he told us.

What emotions do you go through when you’re the baker?

“A lot of mixed emotions. It was quite scary in the beginning. I had the butterflies in my stomach, but once you go on the stage and start saying your lines and singing, that just goes away and you just enjoy it. I enjoy every moment of it, from the first second I go on stage to the last,” Youssef said. “Of course, you have to be nervous, if you’re not nervous you’re doing something wrong. It’s like submitting a paper for a class, you’re always really worried. You’ve put all your hard work in it and you can’t wait to see the grade.”

“As beautiful as the set was, you could almost feel the magic back stage. From the moment you enter to the moment you leave, your excitement never leaves you as you see the different people doing their different jobs, and through all the madness you see creativeness just waiting to be revealed!” Youssef exclaimed.

The show, in my opinion, (and I’m sure you may follow), was a total success! We were entertained from the beginning until the very end and can’t wait to see more from these young talented actors, artists, and crew!

Thank you teachers, cast, and crew members for working hard on this play and creating an incredible and magical performance!

Written By Jana Mahmoud. Interview by Jana Mahmoud and Maiar Abdelbasir.


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