How Fast Food Harms Your Body




Are you aware of how much your body is affected when you eat fast food? Obesity and diabetes are becoming serious global concerns. The number of fast food restaurants and the growing range of options they offer is the main reason behind these health issues. The term “fast food” refers to burgers, french fries, and pizza that are full of processed ingredients and an unhealthy level of fats and carbohydrates. Children all around the world are becoming too addicted to food from McDonald’s, K.F.C., Pizza Hut, etc. Children and their parents need to understand how fast food harms their bodies.

Studies show that fast food is indeed very harmful for a number of reasons. Processed foods contain a lot of toxins that poison our body. Research has proven that toxins are one of the causes behind cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, and obesity. Health professionals always warn us about consuming too much sugars and unhealthy fats, both of which are found in large amounts in fast foods. People all around the world really enjoy fast food, and it would be a shame to take it away. Therefore, we need to consider whether or not there may be a way to still eat these food types while remaining healthy.

As I have mentioned before, depriving people of fast food would be a shame. One possible way to continue enjoying fast food while minimizing the health risk is to consume it in small portions. For example, instead of eating a whole huge meal at once, you may share the meal with a friend. You may simply divide the meal into thirds or fourths even. Importantly, you should always complement it with nutrient rich foods like fruits and vegetables.

Image result for fast food logosBad habits sometimes increase the negative effects that result from fast food. For example, people just eat more and more of their favorite fast food, not realizing how harmful it is. Boredom or considering fast food to be a reward for finishing all their work are also examples of such bad habits. Next to AIS, a new McDonald’s drive through recently opened and has already been visited multiple times by AIS students. It is often visited by students who have just finished their tests, thinking that this gives them the right to just “pig out”. However, this is very incorrect, because even if you finished all your studying, that doesn’t mean that you should just go and poison yourself with processed foods. They need to know and understand that they are hurting themselves when they do so.


The biggest issue with these types of foods is that they are not made from natural ingredients. Fast foods are full of processed ingredients which means that they are in fact the opposite of natural. The fast food manufacturers not only use unhealthy and harmful ingredients, but they also release a lot of pollution from their factories. This pollution is another cause of diseases. You are in fact much better off with some fruits or vegetables or a home cooked meal.

In conclusion, I stand by the fact that fast food is harming and polluting the world and its citizens. This must be put an end to, or at least controlled. Make sure not to fall for the slogans most fast food companies make. Stay healthy.


By Yaseen Shindy


Pietrangelo, Ann and Carey, Elea. “13 Effects of Fast Food on the Body”. Health Line. Nov 2 2015.


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