WhatsApp Update Offers New Features


WhatsApp is something we use everyday in our lives. We use it to communicate with our family and friends, or to work on projects in both school and work. That’s why it’s important to know if any changes were made to the application or if any features were added.

WhatsApp is working on adding some new features that should improve the application and make it easier for the users. These features will be added soon in the near future and are currently being tested.


1. Messages Sent Can Be Permanently Deleted and Edited

The messages you currently send on WhatsApp can be deleted, but only from your own device. They are still visible to the recipient. This feature will be available for iPhone users, but it is unknown whether or not it will be available for Android users. WhatsApp is now testing this feature with its iPhone beta software.

The new feature will allow users to do two things; either revoke, or permanently delete, messages from both devices, or edit them. Any messages that were accidentally sent or may contain typos or inaccurate information can be revoked or edited. This ability will only work if the recipient has not yet seen the message, and will save you from embaressment.

Users with access to the early beta release of this feature must activate by defualt in the settings. Tapping and holding on the message summons a slew of new options, including Edit and Revoke

The IOS version of WhatsApp contains the two new options of editing and revoking messages in the small menu. They will appear when you press and hold the delivered text.

2. It Can Track Your Every Movement

Using the new feature, Live Location Tracking, your current location and movement can be viewed by your contacts. Your location can be seen by members of a group or chat. This can help you find your friends when you hang out.

WhatsApp already does share your location if you’d like, but the new tracking feature is more precise.

This feature can be activated or disabled by users at anytime by default and does not run in the background. This way, your location can not be shared with strangers or you can avoid others when you are trying to hide.

3.  Viewing Status Updates Are Much Faster and Easier

When someone changes their status on WhatsApp, you must scroll through your contacts then click on their name in order to see it. Well, WhatsApp is currently working on creating a Status tab that will immediatley notify users when someone’s status has changed. You will be able to activate or disable status change notifications by pressing on the mute or unmute buttons that will appear on the screen.

A ‘My Status’ tab will be created in which a small tab informs you of the number of people that have seen your status and when they have seen it. The updates will be removed after 24 hours for you and those who viewed it. The status tab will be placed between the chats and calls tabs.

4. Media Sharing Limit Increased to 30 for Windows Phone

This update will arrive for the WhatsApp Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile app. This will be a part of version 2.17.52.

Previously, WhatsApp users could only share a maximum of 10 photos or videos at once. Now the number of photos and videos that can be shared has increased to 30 for Windows phones.

In a recent update, the media limit increased for iPhone users, but still remains a limit of 10 for Android users.

WhatsApp is working hard on these new features. Which one of them do you like the most?


By Sarah El Sharkawi




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