AFCON 2017: Cameroon vs. Egypt


February 5, 2017 was a historical day for Egypt in soccer. It was the finals of the African Cup of Nations (AFCON). The well-known national Egyptian soccer team was playing that night versus Cameroon’s national soccer team. It is a day not to be forgotten by neither the Egyptians nor the Cameroonians.

In the first half of the match, the popular and iconic Egyptian soccer player, El Neny, scored a goal. All of Egypt was celebrating at that time. Everyone was happy and cheering loudly. Unfortunately, their happiness did not last long.

In the second half, Cameroon scored two goals, one of which was unexpected. The winning goal was scored in the last few minutes of the entire game.

The game resulted in a score of 2-1, and Cameroon won the AFCON finals.

The Egyptians were very sad and disappointed, as it was a difficult time for them. But what can we do, sports is all about winning and losing. The only thing that the Egyptians can do now for their team is to wish better luck next time.


The national Egyptian soccer team.

The Egyptian soccer team still has a chance to compete in the World Cup next year. Egyptians can support their team at the time and hope they win.

Congratulations to Cameroon, and good luck Egypt.

By Ali Yacout


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