How Social Media Impacts Our Lives



We may not notice it, but we spend more time on our phones than we do with our friends. Whether it’s Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or any other social media application, we are on our phones 24/7. Social media has become a need for people worldwide. We can’t really help it; it’s a great way to talk to your friends! The question is, how does social media affect us?

First of all, social media is great for communication. For instance, you can use it when you have an important assignment or project to complete by making a group on some social media applications such as WhatsApp. You can even say hello to an old friend on other social media outlets like Facebook.

It’s also an incredible way to have fun! Snapchat offers several filters to use to take pictures, including the face swap. In addition, it’s a great way to make memories. The photos, videos, texts, or posts that you make are all ways that you can remember the good times that you’ve had. You can even enjoy a conversation with your friends and family about anything; work, school, issues, a peculiar topic, movies, or your life.

But social media isn’t all good. Like many other things, it also has a downside.

For some people, social media can actually be an addiction. An hour or so may not hurt or featured-301-x-212-social-media-networking-time-management-nirodesign-istock-thinkstock-486762406cause any harm, but how much time is considered too much? Someone that spends countless hours a day on any form of social media is what we call addicted. Starting a simple conversation could last for hours. This allows a person to be completely distracted from the task at hand. A main reason for this is because most people can’t multitask, which is nothing to be ashamed of.

A photo, tweet, or simple text can change your mood and behavior, for better or for worse. This includes when you text someone “Happy Birthday!” or get into a fight with them.

A few days ago I was in my Arabic social studies class and we were learning about pollution.

“Who can tell me one form of pollution?” our teacher asked. We all shared different answers, and once the class calmed down, she told us,” You all forgot one thing. It’s something that you hold in your hands 24/7: your phones. It’s the little device that you hold all the time. You can bump into anyone or trip over just because you were staring at that screen.”

I went around and asked people about how they think that social media affects their lives, and someone told me, “It is life.” This was the answer that I was personally amazed to hear.

Another person said, “I think it’s good in general, but these days, we spend too much time on our phones that we forget about all the fun we were and are missing on. I mean, it’s really good, but if we could just have a little less time on our phones and more to the world, I think we would enjoy it a lot more.”

Social media has had a huge impact on our everyday lives. Remember to not let it take control of your life. Be the one to take control of it.


By Jana Mahmoud




Mwila, Ali Kingston. “Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on Society”. Linked In. Oct 31 2015.


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