Devastating Avalanche Hits Italian Hotel



On January 18, an avalanche hit the Hotel Rigopiano in Italy’s Abruzzo, specifically at the Monte Nevosso at the Italian Alps near Austria’s border.

An avalanche is a large mass of snow that slopes downward. A powder snow avalanche hit the hotel on that Wednesday. The avalanche consists of a powder at the surface, and a mass of snow lies right beneath it. Powder snow avalanches are made up of 70% of water and 30% of ice particles.

At first, the avalanche killed 6 people, 5 of which were Italians. One of those dead was a 16-year-old skier. Unfortunately, the death toll rose to a number of 24. Many people were covered by the icy snow, and five people are missing from the scene.

Police officers walked with search dogs that day searching for anyone who might be buried under the thick snow. A woman was found alive and was saved. Also, helicopters with aid agencies searched for any survivors.

May the avalanche’s victims rest in peace.

By Nour Shoukair


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