The Pros and Cons of Listening to Music



From the classical Beethoven, to the hip-hop Little Mix, music is something involved in our everyday lives. Whether it’s on the bus or while you’re studying, we listen to music almost every day. But like everything else, there are some pros and cons to listening to music. The following are just a few ways that music can affect our lives.

Not only is music enjoyable, but it also helps reduce anxiousness, tension, and boredom. It is great if you’re trying to stay calm and relaxed.

Music can also trigger your creativity. The music in the background is enough for your brain to think in new creative ways. 

Usually classical music is the best option when it comes to visual attention, but any type of music will work, just not in the same way.

Music also helps maintain your energy levels. People who listen to music during the day usually feel like they have more energy in store.

Every brain has its own way of thinking, or its own style, so each brain reacts differently to different types of music. If you’re listening to the wrong type of music, it can cause a lot of distractions. This means that the homework you’ve been saving for the last minute won’t be completed!

As mentioned in the pros, music can bring out your creative side. At the same time, your brain can literally get way too simulated. It’s sort of like your brain being filled with too many ideas.

A survey was taken, which included teachers and students, about how many hours they listen to music a day. Most of them said that they listen to music for at least an hour or two a day, and some even listen to music for three hours! They were asked whether or not they would stop listening to music if it was dangerous. One out of the nine students asked said that they would stop listening to music. Meanwhile, only one out of the five teachers asked said that they would stop listening to music.

Listening to music is great, but it can cause a few problems. If you listen to music continuously for a long period of time or play it too high, it can cause ear and hearing damage. How can you avoid that? Well, you can limit listening to music to an hour daily.

Remember to listen to and enjoy music, but don’t overdo it!


By Jana Mahmoud




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